1949 dating dos and donts

Ever wondered what dating was like in the 40’s? Here is a teen instructional video about the do’s and don’t of dating that answers the pressing questions of a first date such as

How do you choose a date?
How do you ask for a date?
How do you say goodnight?
Should you bring flowers to a date?

The video chronicles the very first date of Woody and Ann and shows Woody getting dating advice from Winston, his leather jacket wearing big brother who has no problems getting dates and advice from his parents.

His date Ann talks about the date to her younger sister and offers her advice such as  ‘You leave your boyfriend enough money so he will ask you again’

Hit play before and step back in time to brush up on your dating do’s and don’ts!

What do you think of the advice being dished out over 70 years ago? Still relevant today? Share your view in the comment box below!