80s and 90s Epic Quiz + Bonus original 80s commercials

What do you think of when you look back on your childhood? For many people memories of favorite toys, games, and movies pop to mind.  How many of the above iconic 80s and 90s words have you heard of?   All the answers are below complete with original trailers and commercials.

What is a COMMODORE 64?

The Commodore 64 was a popular home computer in the 80s. At the time it was the highest selling personal computer

What are TROLLS?

If you think Trolls have only been around for a few years then you are weren’t a kid of the 80s. Trolls have been around for decades.

Who or what it ET?

I hope that anyone reading this knows who ET is? ET was a loveable alien that just wanted to go home. It still is a cult classic movie today.  It was also the movie that made Drew Barrymore a star.


Cabbage Patch Kids are still around today but they were hugely popular in the 80s so much so that there were actually violent riots in store and the demand for the toys were not met in all store.  You could tell if you had an authentic cabbage patch but the signature on its behind.

Did you play ELASTICS?

Playing elastics was HUGE in the 80s. In schools all across Australia you can bet kids were playing elastics at recess.

Do you remember Amstrads?

Amstrads were big in the 80s and was always being compared to the Commodores. Think of it as the Mac vs PC wars today. The Amstrad came in a green-tone monitor at first and as this was before CD-Roms, or DVD’s software was run from cassette tape. Some software could take 30 minutes to load!

TEDDY RUXPIN the best toy of the 80’s?

Teddy Ruxpin was undoubtedly on the top of most kids Christmas wish list in the 80s. For it’s time it was an advanced toy – it was a teddy bear that could talk and tell stories.

What is a VHS tape?

The dreaded VHS tape.  The DVD of the 80s.  Kids of today have no idea what it’s like to have to rewind a VHS tape  once you finish watching a movie. If you recorded several shows on one tape it was such a pain to have to fast-forward and rewind to find the exact starting position.

What is an ETCH-A-SKETCH?

The Etch-a-Sketch has been around for decades, since 1960 in fact. It’s a simple drawing tool where you use these two dials to either draw vertically or horizontally.

What is a GREMLIN?

A gremlin is a fictitious mischievous creature made popular by Steven Speilberg with his cult classic blockbuster Gremlins. Gremlins are easy to get along with, as long as you follow some simple rules ofcourse. Never  expose  a gremlin to light  or allow them to get it wet or they will multiply.  The most important rule of all, never ever feed a gremlin after midnight or they will turn into a dangerous jerk.

What is a CARE BEAR?

Care Bears were massively huge toys in the 80s and still have a cult following today. The Care Bears originally started as illustrations on greeting cards and then later transformed to plush toys. Each Care Bear has their own trait. The ten original Care Bears are

  1. Bedtime Bear
  2. Birthday Bear
  3. Cheer Bear
  4. Friend Bear
  5. Funshine Bear
  6. Good Luck Bear
  7. Grumpy Bear
  8. Love-a-lot-Bear
  9. Tenderheart Bear
  10. Wish Bear


Alex Kidd in Miracle World was HUGE in the late 80s and early 90s partly due to the fact that it was the standard inbuilt game in the popular SEGA gaming systems  but mainly due to it being an awesome game.

Do you know what an ATARI is?

The Atari was a popular gaming system in the t0s and  80s that brought arcade style games right into your living rooms.  Each game ran off a cartridge.

What is a VIEW-MASTER?

What is a WALKMAN?

Walkmans were huge in the 90s. A walkman is a portable personal cassette player that allows you to listen to music via headphones anywhere.  Today, it might seem like nothing special but back in the 80s it was a big deal.

Who is URKEL?

If you were around in the 90s and you don’t know who Urkel is, then I am afraid you must have been living under a giant 90s rock. Urkel, full name Steve Urkel was the quintessential 90s loveable nerd.

Steve Urkel was a character from the 90s family sitcom Family Matters. Urkel was only meant to be a one-time appearance but his character got such a reaction that Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White, become central to the shows storylines and became a fan favourite.

What is a SEGA?

SEGA was a widely popular gaming system in the 90s with inbuilt games.


Roger Ramjet is an American animation series from the 1960s that features the character of Roger Ramjet who routinely saves the world from criminals with the help of his Proton Energy Pills which gives him the strength of twenty atom bombs for  twenty seconds.On a side note does anyone else think Roger Ramjet and American Dad could be related?

What is a GLO WORM?

The huggable glo worm is a toy that was a huge hit with kids in the 80s. It was a bedtime toy that helped kids settle and fall asleep at night. When squeezed the Glo Worm would play a lullaby and glow warmly.

What are POGO BALLS?

Pogo Balls were on the top of kids Christmas lists in the 80s. A pogo ball kind of looks like Saturn.   To use a pogo ball all you need to do is balance on the outer ring and jump around. Sounds simple but so much fun!


In the 80s kids collected grotesque trading cards called Garbage Pail Kids featuring characters such as Bad Breath Seth and Jenny Jelly.  The characters were basically a parody mocking the popular cabbage patch kids. Some schools even banned the cards for their disturbing pictures.

What is a MULLIGRUB?

If you were a kid in the 90’s (or a parent of one) you might recognize this iconic face from the popular children’s television show Mulligrubs.

Mulligrubs was an Australian television show that aired from 1988 to 1996. The main character was the ever expressive Mulligrub. Viewers only ever saw her face and heard her very high pitched voice. Fun fact, in order to achieve that very high robotic voice, the actress behind the face Di Kidd, had her dialogue run through a voice modulator.

Who is ALF?

Do you know who Alf is? No, not Alf from Home and Away, but Alf the loveable larrikin alien who crash-landed in the garage of the Tanner family.


Today’s kids would probably think it’s funny how obsessed 90s kids were with tamagotchis. A tamagotchi is a virtual cyber pet that needs to be fed in order to be kept alive. The graphics were extremely basic. It’s fair to say that the tamagotchi of the 90s is equivalent to the fidget spinner of modern times.

What is a RUBIK’S CUBE?

The Rubik’s cube is the face of the 80s, maybe that’ s because with over 3 billion combinations 80s kids are still trying to figure out the darn thing.

What are SLAP BANDS?

Slap bands, otherwise known as snap bands,  are bracelets that come in bright colours and different themes that snap onto the wrist. They are still popular today with kids and those young at heart.

How did you go? How many items from our epic list do you remember? Share your answers below