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Do you want to join our affiliate team?

We love our products and know that you and your visitors will them too. We make it easy for you to make money by offering eye-catching banners and engaging text links. The Not Just Retro team are also available across 7 days to offer support to help you boost your sales. We want you to not only make money from our affiliate program, but to enjoy the experience.

Here are the perks of our affiliate program

  • 5% commission rate
  • Low $40 payout rate. We don’t believe in setting high payout rates. However, the payout minimum can be changed upon request.
  • 10 days cookies. Once a visitor clicks on your website they have 10 days to make a purchase and you will still get a commission.
  • Special promotions just for our affiliates.
  • You can monitor the impressions and click through rates in your member's dashboard.
  • Top earners can apply for a higher affiliate commission.

How much money will I make?

How long is a piece of string...

It’s hard for us to tell you exactly how much money you stand to make by partnering with Not Just Retro as every website is different.  Some factors which can increase your chance of higher commissions are.

  • The volume of traffic that your website or social media accounts get.
  • The placement of your banner and text ads.
  • Social media exposure and posting frequency.
  • Word-of-mouth
  • Email links

We want our partnership to be mutually beneficial. If you need some help in getting commissions drop us an email and we can offer you some personalised tips that might increase your frequency of commissions.

Okay I'm in, How do I sign-up?

Email us at [email protected] with “I want to be a partner” in the subject line. Please include your name, blog url and how you intend to promote Not Just Retro e.g banners, blog post etc

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