1950s housewife over text what to buy a 1950s housewife for christmas

With husbands all around the world racking their brains trying to find the perfect gift for their wives this Christmas, we thought we would take a look back in time to see what husbands in the 1950s and 1960s were buying their wives for the festive season.

Not surprisingly for the era, household domestic products were the leading Christmas gifts being advertised around the peak shopping season in print, radio and tv advertisements.

1950s housewife with text what to buy a 1950s housewife

Some of these advertisements might be surprising when viewed through a modern day context.  In the past we have shared extracts from Don'ts for Wives which was met with disbelief from people who thought it couldn't possible be real.  All these vintage advertisements are the real deal.

1. An ironing Table

Classic christmas print advertisement promoting ironing board

What women wouldn't want an ironing board for Christmas?

2. A tanning bed

Old vintage ads man and woman with slogan

Hmmm I guess that this is before they found out the dangers of tanning beds.

3. A toaster

This 1949 Christmas commercial  just falls short of the 50's but it's just too fascinating an advertisement not to include in this 1950's gift guide special.  One of the top gifts being advertised by Westinghouse in 1949 was a shiny new toaster. In fact, the Westinghouse spokeswoman boasts about how buying your wife a toaster would guarantee you a thank-you Christmas kiss.

Do you know what husbands were buying their wives for Christmas in the 1950s?

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4. A hoover

An classic print advertisement featuring a hoover

5. A pressure cooker

Wear ever pressure cooker classic ad

What do you think of these 1950's Christmas gift ideas? Do you think that any of this household goods  would pass the test of time and be a welcomed Christmas gift?

I'm not sure how many wives today would be thrilled with an ironing table from hubby for Christmas. A vacuum would probably not go down too well either, well unless it was one of those robot vacuum cleaners and even then it's probably not the most romantic Christmas present!


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