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Does Channing Tatum have a secret twin?

I was recently watching an Arnie Schwarzenegger movie when I saw something that left me speechless. It was Channing Tatum. How could that be? This movie was made in the 80's and Channing Tatum was a full grown adult. Who was this mystery man?

Three Men and a Baby – the scariest movie of my childhood!

Three Men and a Baby scared the living daylights out of me as a kid. Do you remember the ghost lurking in the background of one of those scenes? Did you see it too?

Why do thousands of people remember a movie that was never made?

Have you heard about the Mandela effect? Only read if you are prepared to fall into a rabbit hole.

The Best 80s Movies Dance Scenes

Here at Not Just Retro we love 80’s movies! We especially love the (sometimes corny) dance sequences and montages that featured in so many 80’s movies. Below...
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