An easy tutorial about how to iron on patches

Iron on patches are a great way to give your clothing a designer look at an affordable price. You will find that denim jackets with patches on them can easily sell for over one hundred dollars, but by buying your own patches you can stick patches on your favourite denim jacket for a fraction of the cost and customise it to look exactly the way you want.

1:  Prepare the garment

Make sure that you item of clothing is freshly washed and dry. Only use fabrics that are safe for ironing. Cotton and denim are best.

2:  Prepare the iron

Set your iron to the cotton setting. I like to first iron the location  where I will be applying the patch  to warm up the area.

3: Preparing the patch

Place the patch on the desired area of the garment. if you are unsure of the location safety pin the patch on the desired spot and check out what it looks like infront of a mirror or have someone take a photograph of you wearing the garment.

Once you are set on the spot, place the patch with the image face up and place a thin cloth over the patch.

4: Start ironing

Iron the patch applying even and firm pressure for 30-40 seconds.
Turn the garment inside out and iron again applying first pressure for 30-40 seconds

5. Let the garment cool down

Allow the garment time to cool down. Once it has cooled down check the edges of the patch. If they are  not securely attached to the garment and can be lifted repeat step 4.

Tips and hints to preserve your patch

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    Wash garment inside out on a gentle cold wash cycle. 
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    (Optional) For maximum durability you can sew on the patch as an additional step. 

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How to iron on an embroidered patch tutorial
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How to iron on an embroidered patch tutorial
An easy to follow guide about how to apply iron on patches for durability. Create a designer denim look at an affordable price.
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