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Old Stores Australia : Kmart has changed!

Here at Not Just Retro we love reminiscing about things from the past.  In our new series we will be revisiting stores from the past that are still around today to see how much they have changed. The is the second post in the series.  In our first post we took a look into Coles and what a flashback that was! Coles has really changed over the years from its humble beginnings in 1914.

In this next post we will be taking a walk down down Kmart’s memory lane. Kmart is Australia’s favourite department store and has transformed quite a bit since it’s first store in Melbourne in 1969.

I have fond memories of Kmart. It’s been around my whole life.  My family and I used to go late night shopping every Friday night at the local shopping centre. We used to stop into Kmart and I remember looking forward to checking all the new toys in the kids department.

Kmart Throwback

1970sKmart 1970s1980s

This following print advertisement for Kmart just screams 80s! Look at those high ponytails with the mega scrunchies!

Kmart’s Kambrook sale. It’s good to see that many of the brands featured in these Kmart ads are still going strong today.

The following ad is promoting Kmart’s national paint and wallpaper sale from back in the day when Kmart sold more hardware and home renovation lines.

This Kmart ad showcases a range of well known brands from the 80s, many which are still around. Look at those old chunky grey computers and the typewriter. Blast from the past!

Kmart toy sale ads from the past are my favourite because I get to see all the old school toys that were once favourites.

Turn summer upside down with those bright bangles! The 80s fashion were so dorky but just so right!

kart 80s fashion

Danni Minogue used to have a clothing range for Kmart in the 80s.

young Danni Minogue1990s

This ad is sure to win the hearts of gamers of the 90s.  Who remembers Alex Kidd in Miracle World? I’m sure many kids (and adults) of the 90s spent countless hours trying to level up.

This Kmart toy ad from the 90s makes up so many items on my Christmas Wishlist when I was a kid. I remember wanting the Nightmare video game so bad. It’s so good to see the old school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in this ad – I even spotted my old TMNT tent I got for Christmas one year!

This is one of Kmart’s first ads to use “Counting the Beat” by the Swingers. The song become a prominent part of Kmart’s ads for around 5 years.


What was your favourite Kmart memory?  What store would you like me to feature next? Let me know in the comments below.

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