What is the Mandela effect?

The Mandela effect refers to a phenomenon when many unconnected people have false memories of the same thing. The term was coined after it turned out that that many people were certain that they could remember Nelson Mandela dying in prison in the 80’s. In fact these people could even remember news coverage from the 80s about and watching his funeral on TV. The thing is Nelson Mandela didn’t die in the 80’s but rather in 2003, so how it is possible that so many people remember the same event that actually didn’t happen?

What causes the Mandela effect?

There are so many theories about what is causing these false memories from time travel to parallel universes.  Alternatively are people collectively just loosing their minds?  Whatever the reason it’s a fascinating topic. Here are some examples of the Mandela effect in pop culture.

Forrest Gump and that famous line

Remember that famous line in Forest Gump? Life is like a box of chocolates…? or was it Life was like a box of chocolates..?    Personally I distinctly remember it being Life is like a box of chocolates but rewatching the clip it really is was!




Even stranger is the fact that Tom Hanks remembers the movie line differently and he should know the correct version.

The movie Shazam didn’t exist

I’m personally not too familiar with this one but there’s a huge group of people that swear that they remember seeing a movie called Shazam staring Sinbad playing a genie in the 90s. Only problem is the movie doesn’t exist there is no trace of it at all. Even the supposed movie’s star Sinbad has come out to say that he never stared in a movie called Shazam! Side note: Sinbad did however star in the 90’s cult classic A Different World. It’s streaming on Netflix right now!

 Star Wars: “Luke I am your father” never happened

Everyone has heard of Star Wars and would know  that famous jaw dropping revelation that revealed that Darth Vader was actually Luke’s father the question is how do you remember that line actually being spoken? Popular culture has frequently reference and parodied the line as “Luke, I am your father” however the line actually is “No, I am your father”  “How have so many people misquoted such an iconic line?


Even weirder is the actor that played Darth Vader James Earl Jones has on numerous occasions referenced the line as “Luke, I am your father” Surely the actor who spoke the famous line would remember it correctly!


What do you think?

What’s your take on the mandela effect? Do you think it’s a real thing or just a hyped up misunderstanding? Have you experienced the Mandela effect for yourself?  Would love to know about it. Just drop us a comment below.